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Misha Capecchi * In the Mouth of the Wolf * Kickstarter Fundraiser * Matera, Italy

Misha Capecchi is raising funds to film her new project, In the Mouth of the Wolf, this Summer, in Italy, Oregan, and Utah. Please help her with any donation. Every little piece matters.

An Experimental Spagetti Western: Southern Italy becomes the "Wild West" in a battle between reason, myth and chance. 

The film will paint a picture of the Great American West as a hyper politicized terrain that has grown beyond the myths of Manifest Destiny, and of virginal and scared nature. The West today is no longer the same place that is was in the 19th century. Urbanization, Cold War nuclear testing, the plight of the native peoples, the drying up of the Rio Grande and the Colorado River as well as aquifer depletion have permanently transformed the West. Southern Italy also has been submitted to a wrath of environmental concerns.

The Sassi, in Matera represent contested land and a land of resistance. Similar to the Frontier in the 19th century and continuing to present day, where the West is thought by many to be the ideal land for nuclear disposal, the Sassi beckon the questions: How does history move into modernity? How does culture, history and land become commodified? What should be maintained? And whose job is it to maintain and preserve? In Matera, issues concerning the perversion of ethics in the guise of modernity, has left behind an altered culture. The film addresses these aspects of the transformed social and environmental landscape.

This project walks the line between a cinematic film and an experimental art film. This is an interesting place to walk as it has even fuzzier boundaries than if it were one or the other. Additionally, it is paying homage to a brilliant genre that in itself was both complicated and conflicted. There is risk, conceptually in all of these factors.