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First VAGRANT SPACE Group Show * "Vagrants" @ Tender Trap * Thursday April 4th

We are pleased to announce the first VAGRANT SPACE group show.

Thursday, April 4th @ Tender Trap 
245 South 1st St.
Brooklyn, NY

VAGRANT SPACE is an ongoing curation for a new generation of Outsider Artists. This new school no longer fits the caricatured confines of the self-taught, emotionally troubled, and uneducated recluse promoted by the Folk Art gallery world. Coming of age during the transformative years of globalization, internet proliferation, and social media, these artists share the affects traditionally ascribed to social outsiders: many of them don’t utilize contemporary social media skills, eschew the responsibilities of “maturity”, and most importantly, genuinely reflect the homelessness that is hallmark to this era of twenty- and thirty-year-olds.

Art from Adam Void, Peter Dear, George Charles Bates, Andrew H. Shirley,  Jefferson Mayday Mayday, Chelsea Ragan, Craig Mammano, Jeffrey Vincent, Dylan Thadani, Edwards Harper, Margaret Rogers, Emily Campbell, Misha Capecchi, and Safwat Riad.

This show is a The Superior Bugout Joint