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"View Count"

"View Count"
Curated Video Collection

During a time when our attention span has been reduced to 6-second Vines, massive view counts create celebrity status and binging is reserved for entire-season series shows, the ability for a viewer to give careful consideration to an online video has been completely lost. These .mov, .avi, .wmv, and .mp4 files saturate every website we visit and it can be overwhelming. It’s hard not to be jaded by the flashy videos that can be made within seconds on your iphone, but a few rare videos exist that are an exception to the norm and worth your consideration.

This curated collection of web-based videos titled View Count are all made in a familiar spirit of fun and are examples of an unpretentious use of this overblown medium. This group of contemporary outsider artists uses the video as a lens to create abstracted narratives, intricate handmade worlds, and documentation of seemingly everyday Happenings. A couple of the videos in View Count use analog recording devices that when digitized, create a layered translation of the original footage. Nothing seems to be lost, but instead the videos gain a deep, singular retro-static voice. The haphazard and choppy edits are refreshing to see after being exposed to years of polished commercials and everything in HD.

All of these featured videos are connected by their artist’s abandonment of the History of videos and film. These artists have adapted to contemporary times; they have created videos suited to our stunted attention span and our inability to finish watching to the end. Because of their life outside of a gallery, these videos can better speak to our personal and private interests and the on-demand whims of our currents obsessions. It will be exciting to see these artists continue to respond to contemporary media and create newly adapted time-based works. 

Adam Void / Ryan Seslow 
“Virtuous Reality” 
2:04 min

Andrew H. Shirley
8:47 min

Dylan Thadani
“naming a cat”
1:14 min

Jefferson Mayday Mayday
“Extra~Dimensional Ecosphere Finality” {the APOLLYON ANTHEMN} 
5:38 min

Margaret Rogers
“Cabin Fever”
2:32 min

Misha Capecchi 
6:51 min
contributors on camera: Jacob Elias, Meredith Zielke,
Nir Nadler, Alexis Iammarino, Carl Marin,
Karla Theilen, Domingo Castillo, James Mustico 

Nelle Dunlap
"Tiny Hands at Work"

Safwat Riad 
Vine Video 
0:06 min

-Curated by Chelsea Ragan